April 24 - Issue #17
1/ A New Wave Forms
Citizens of France went to the polls on Sunday to cast their ballots for the first round of the Presidential election. Candidates Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen bested 11 other candidates and will set the stage for a run-off vote in two weeks.
To get you up to speed on the political climate in France: This is the first time in a long time that anyone outside of the traditional socialist/left and republican parties:
In 1956, they together got 76 percent of the total vote; in 2012 it was 56 percent in the first round. On Sunday it was 26 percent.
Both Macron and Le Pen are “outsider candidates,” but represent two new factions in western politics. Macron is a former Obama ‘08 campaign staffer and considers himself a centrist who takes a little from the socialists and the republicans. Le Pen is the daughter of the founder of the National Front right-wing party and proclaims many of the same campaign policies that you would come to expect from the “populist right.” 
France Discards the Politics of Left and Right
Between Le Pen’s campaign being openly funded by Vladimir Putin himself, and reports of increased misinformation campaigns disrupting French social media and news; many have good reason to be skeptical that the “establishment favorite” Macron will still come out on top. 
I believe, however, that Macron will hold onto his 20+ point lead over Le Pen and has a chance to sweep in a new wave of centrist politics that could send shockwaves back to the states in 2020.
2/ Protesting In Berkely
A trend is beginning to emerge out of the California city, drawing crowds of far left protestors to shut down speakers seen as too far to the right. The protests are turning violent, with the campus of UC Berkely now canceling future speakers that might draw more crowds.
How Berkeley became a hotbed of violence in the Trump era
Independent journalist Tim Pool traveled to Berkely to cover the clashes, and identified a new protest group that is helping stir the pot called the Antifa or “Anti-Fascist.” This is a group that Pool claims to have seen throw fireworks (basically an explosive device) into opposition crowds. 
Tim Pool on Twitter
Summertime is prime time for political protest, expect this trend to continue (and grow).
3/ North Korea Freaks Everyone Out
North Korea being a menace to the western world is nothing new, they routinely put out new videos of American cities blowing up. And while a recent missile test failure is a small moment of relief, the threat has just about everyone in the world more than a little nervous.
One thing to remember: Kim Jong Un is focused on keeping power. So it is not in his interest to be the first to launch a missile first, as he will need to fight off literally the entire world (even Australia is on our side).
Trump praises Chinese efforts on North Korea 'menace,' Pyongyang warns of strike
Remains of the Weekend
Five new things you can do with Google Earth
Palantir’s Relationship With The Intelligence Community Has Been Worse Than You’d Think
Poll: Trump gets historically low approval ratings
Uber tried to fool Apple and got caught
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