You might want to go on a coffee break for this one, it's been a busy week!
April 28 - Issue #18
You might want to go on a coffee break for this one, it’s been a busy week!

1/ Terror Averted
Police stopped an attempted terror attack near UK Parliament on Thursday, just a month after another assailant ran over dozens on the bridge next to Parliament, before attempting to enter the building.
Suspected Westminster terrorist arrested 'with knives' yards from Downing Street 'after police were tipped off by his own family'
Three knives and a rucksack were seen on the ground following the arrest.
2/ The One Way You Can Fight Fake News
Announced this week is the newest project from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, a hybrid approach to covering the news that funds journalists by the community, and gives readers a voice in the process:
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales launches Wikitribune, a large-scale attempt to combat fake news
Even better, at the time of this writing, there are 7,298 people who have donated to the project, putting the organization nearly halfway to its 30-day goal to hire 10 full-time reporters. I am proudly supporter #2577.
3/ "I Will Repeal NAFTA" ...jk
CNN ran headlines on Thursday about Trump’s “1 Trillion Dollar Bluff”, after the President reversed his stance on repealing the 23-year old trade deal between Canada, the US, and Mexico.
Trump says was 'psyched to terminate NAFTA' but reconsidered
Trump promised he would do this while on the campaign trail, in order to win over the counties that had been most impacted by the negative effects of globalization.
Trump campaigned for president last year on a pledge to pull out of NAFTA if he could not renegotiate better terms. The United States went from running a small goods trade surplus with Mexico in the early 1990s to a $63-billion deficit in 2016.
But everyone from the agriculture association to the (and I’m not joking) soybean association was quick to note just how impactful this could be:
American Soybean Association President Ron Moore said, “When you’re talking about $3 billion in soybean exports a year, any threats to withdraw from agreements and walk away from markets makes farmers extremely nervous.”
4/ Former Trump Advisor Flynn Warned in 2014 Not To Take Foreign Money
The first “you’re fired” in the Trump administration occurred less than 30 days in, when he fired the controversial National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. As the months drew on, we learned more and more about just how controversial his presence in the Trump Administration had become:
More broadly, the key issue for Flynn, who was fired from his post as national security adviser after lying to Vice President Mike Pence about conversations with the Russian ambassador to the US, is money he received from the governments of Russia and Turkey and questions about whether he fully and honestly disclosed those payments.
Michael Flynn’s latest legal problems: a brief guide
Rep. Elijah Cummings also released a 2014 letter in which the Pentagon explicitly warned Flynn that there were restrictions on what he could accept — even as a retired officer — from a foreign government. Flynn, the Defense Department said, was barred from accepting money, gifts, or travel “unless congressional consent is first obtained.”
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