Starting today Washington D.C. based Ryan Prete will be joining me to write WYM! 🙌 Give him a shout o
May 5 - Issue #20
Starting today Washington D.C. based Ryan Prete will be joining me to write WYM! 🙌 Give him a shout out on twitter @ryan_prete.

1/ Republicans Finally Pass Healthcare Reform... Through The First Step Of The Process
The vote came nearly by the party line; no Democrats supported the bill and a fair amount of Republicans voted against it. While the vote tally of 217-213 was greeted with applause and celebration - most notably by President Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the bill must still make its way through the Senate, and then through a final reconciliation process with both chambers of congress before landing on Trump’s desk.
“In the moments after the vote, liberal activist groups claimed they raised hundred of thousands of dollars, and Democrats made clear how they see the aftermath playing out: ‘Na na na na, hey, hey hey, goodbye!’ they sand while waving at Republicans immediately after the vote closed. Protesters on the steps of the Capitol chanted ‘2018’”
“The bill now heads to the Senate where it awaits an uncertain fate. Many Senate Republicans have already signaled their concerns with the AHCA.”
Obamacare repeal bill squeaks by in House
5 instances of GOP hypocrisy on Obamacare repeal
They don’t have an estimate on how many will be uninsured (24 million, at last count), Most of them didn’t read it, They exempted themselves (which democrats had no problem in supporting), and they rushed it through on a party-line vote. Last time a political party did this, they lost congress.
2/ The Conservative Right In Crisis
The conservative think tank you don’t know about but has been central to GOP policy making for most of the last 30+ years just had a big shakeup.
Coup Against Jim DeMint Threatens To Tear Apart Heritage Foundation
“The narrative offered independently by multiple sources with intimate knowledge of the ongoing turmoil, several of whom are not particularly sympathetic to DeMint, is quite different. According to these sources, the actual story is the exact opposite of what has thus far been peddled in the media, and it all starts with Ed Feulner’s creation of Heritage Action in 2010 and his decision to let Mike Needham, a brash former Rudy Giuliani operative, control the new operation. Contrary to the media narrative floated last week that DeMint needlessly politicized Heritage and turned it into a brass-knuckle political combat group instead of a policy-focused think tank, these sources say Needham bears much of the blame for politicizing Heritage.”
Tweet from conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter:
3/ Longtime Republican Strategist Rates Trump's First 100 Days.
A unique view into the inner civil war being waged within the White House. While Trump will always stick with family, Rick Wilson isn’t counting “Team Bannon” out just yet.
White House Death Match: Plutocrats vs. Racists
“As for Trump’s base, if they can briefly rouse themselves from their Fox-n-OxyContin stupor, they’d realize they were conned by the populist scam and that the White House today is run by people more than willing to leverage every tool in the D.C. toolbox to enrich the Wall Street mothership. I’m a ferocious advocate of free markets and an avowed enemy of the crony capitalism, special favors, tax advantages, legislative trickery, regulatory shenanigans, and the rest of the playbook that compromised the GOP in the last decade. Every single thing Republicans hated with the fire of a million suns during the George W. Bush compassionate conservative era and the Obama years is hardwired into the plutocrats in charge of the White House now.”
4/ US Competes For Redemption In NATO Cyber War Games
The United States finished dead last.. out of 19 countries last year. This year they placed in the middle of a ground of 25 countries. Hoping we figure this out sooner rather than later…
The US Takes On the World in NATO’s Cyber War Games
“How badly did things go for the US last year? The red team took control of its drone, made it fly in circles until it ran out of fuel, and crashed it into the virtual ocean.”
Remains of the Week
Trump walks away from CBS interview: "That's enough"
The Orange Is the New Black Netflix Hack Was a Terrible Idea
Obama's Presidential Library To Include A Recording Studio For Artists Like Chance The Rapper
The Robot Revolution Will Take Your Car, Your Mom’s Car, and All the Oil in 13 Years - Motherboard
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