WhatYouMissed.news - Manchester Stands Together

May 26 - Issue #25
1/ Manchester, United
A suicide bomber detonated a nail-filled bomb outside of an Ariana Grande concert Monday night, killing 22 and wounding 59, many of whom were young girls attending the show.
Thousands fill the streets one day after a bombing killed 22 in Manchester, England
In the wake of the attack, the one story that rose higher than any other was the coming together of the Manchester community.
Manchester Arena: Taxis drive people home for free as city unites after terror attack
What happened in Manchester? Timeline of bombing at Manchester Arena
2/ Who Is Seth Rich?
Dominating Sean Hannity’s Twitter feed and tv show this week was a false conspiracy theory long used by Trump supporters as a possible explanation of someone other than Russia leaking emails from Hillary Clinton.
Featured in Brian Stelter's Reliable Sources newsletter ealier this week
While the rumors around Rich’s death have swirled since last year, the story came full circle this week with Fox News publishing, then retracting a story about it on their website. Sean Hannity used the story to inflate his ratings all week long, ending on Thursday night with an explanation that he couldn’t provide any evidence yet “out of respect for the family” after the family of Seth Rich had to write an open letter in the Washington Post and send a personal letter to Hannity himself.
We’re Seth Rich’s parents. Stop politicizing our son’s murder.
Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro even joined in a wide range of people calling on Sean Hannity to stop.
Hannity Still Pushing Seth Rich Conspiracy Murder Theory Without Any Evidence. Please Stop.
3/ GOP Candidate Body Slams "Liberal" Reporter
On the eve of the election for Montana’s is holding a special election, the GOP candidate for Montana’s only congressional district got so frustrated with a journalist’s questions that he body slammed him and proceeded to punch him.
Ben Jacobs, a political reporter for the Guardian, said he had been asking Gianforte about the Republican healthcare plan when the candidate “body slammed” him and began shouting, “Get the hell out of here.”
GOP candidate charged after allegedly 'body slamming' reporter
The incident reportedly happened after Jacob’s worked his way into a half-opened room where the candidate was about to give an interview. Jacob’s question that prompted so much frustration? Asking if Gianforte had any new opinions on the recently scored “Trumpcare” plan that was passed by House Republicans.
Analysis by the Congressional Budget Office, Graphic by Axios
After losing three major newspaper endorsements and being charged with misdemeanor assault, Gianforte still edged out a win to what many suspect was largely supported by up to 2/3 of the vote being mailed in early.
4/ Trump's First Foreign Trip Abroad
Trump began his first foreign trip this week starting in Saudi Arabia and running through Jerusalem, Vatican City, Nato HQ in Brussels, and the G7 Summit.
President Trump’s Schedule for His First Foreign Trip
Via the Politico Playbook
Merkel meets with Obama, then Trump
5/ iPhone 8 Rumors Heat Up
As resident Apple fanboy - I’m basically obligated to tell you that the most recent leaks of the iPhone 8 seem to follow the pattern of previous rumors for the 10th-anniversary edition of the phone (at least some have speculated that will be tied to the name).
Final back design of the phone, obtained by BGR
6/ How Do You Really Feel?
It’s only been 17 days since FBI Director Comey’s firing, and Republicans are quieter than ever. They’re probably working super hard on all of those legislative priorities they promised…
Republicans in Congress struggle with this question: Do you trust Trump’s judgment?
Trump faces a crisis of credibility — and judgment
Donald Trump’s Base Is Shrinking
‘Anyone . . . with a pulse’: How a Russia-friendly adviser found his way into the Trump campaign
Trump’s week from hell was Facebook gold
Tennis star Serena Williams joins SurveyMonkey’s board
Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press announces $1 million gift from Jeff Bezos
Cord-cutting explodes
Carrier announces timeline for eliminating Indianapolis jobs
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