WhatYouMissed.news - Superstorm Comey Hits Washington

Hey look at that, an average week of news with nothing out of the ordinary...
June 12 - Issue #28
Hey look at that, an average week of news with nothing out of the ordinary…

1/ Superstorm Comey Hits Washington
No new smoking gun, but a chilling testimony from the former FBI Director who warned that Russia “will be back.”
Somewhere north of 19M watched on TV, Millions more online
Comey Testimony: Highlights of the Hearing
The Trump-Russia Investigation: Keeping Track Of Who's Who And What's What
2/ UK Election Results In Hung Parliament
After a sweeping and unexpected Brexit refferendum, Theresa May ascended to the position of Prime Minister, and led a new conservative majority through their unexpected decision to leave the European Union. In the last few months, May has felt emboldened by her majority and polling that they could have as much as a 20+ point advantage in an election.
And under UK Parliamentary rules, the Prime Minister may call a “snap” election at any time. Unfortunately for Theresa May, she made a slight miscalculation.
Instead of gaining seats, the Conservative party lost their majority and must now work with a smaller party to form a coalition big enough to assume the majority (and then get approval from the Queen, but thats mostly for show). This has huge implications for British and European politics as the Conservative party must now appeal across party line on any legislation they want to pass, let alone to be able to run the government in the first place. But maybe that’s how it was supposed to work…
Non-Brits: here's what you need to know about the British election
3/ The Most Important Trump Campaign Adviser You've Never Heard Of
Highlighting this story for a few reasons, primarily because it is the story you expect the least right now and I find to be telling of the “true nature” of the Trump family and Administration. It gives you a different perspective of the 2016 election and how one arm of Trump’s best skill (communication) operates in the wild wild west of 2017.
The Most Important Donald Trump Campaign Adviser You've Never Heard Of
A working theory of the Trump campaign was that there was a bloc of voters — namely white, working-class voters unhappy with the country’s direction, principally in the Midwest and in the Florida panhandle — who with the right identification and targeting could be persuaded to get out and vote for Trump. In a post-election analysis, the New York Times’ Nate Cohn wrote that Trump “flipped millions of white working-class Obama supporters to his side.”
A key difference in San Antonio, said the RNC’s Coby, who became the Trump campaign’s director of digital advertising and fundraising, “is probably half the room, or maybe a third of the room, were non-political people. That was unique. A lot of times that brought a unique perspective.”
The unusual arrangement frayed some nerves. “This was very much a kind of campaign like The Apprentice,” said one campaign veteran who worked closely with Parscale and requested anonymity to speak candidly. “A lot of people had a lot of roles that were not very defined. Depending on how things were going, your roles could expand or shrink.”
4/ How Did Russia "Influence" The Election?
If you are a news-junkie’s like us (and have a decent understanding of how news stories travel online) you might have pieced this together a few already. However, one of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of the cloud that hangs over the 2016 election was how US Intelligence believes Russia influenced the election if they didn’t hack any voting systems.
It happens like this, most likely by accident from the perspective of whatever American media outlet is (or just bad reporting) but from the perspective of a country like Russia - it is how you can hack a few email servers, change a few words in some emails, and use Facebook to push out information that can disrupt elections.. or cause feuds between countries.
How Russian Propaganda Spread From a Parody Website to Fox News
5/ Trump Announces Pick For New FBI Director
Trump announced his appointment of Christopher Wray just one day before the Comey testimony, in no way trying to distract attention from said testimonies.
In all seriousness however, Wray has a long track record and was praised by commentators of all stripes for being a “reasonable” pick. That doesn’t change the complexity Wray will face having his nomination approved by a Senate who just publicly questioned if the last FBI Director’s firing was obstruction of Justice.
5 things to know about Trump's FBI pick Christopher Wray
6/ More Trouble In The West Wing?
One of the more unexpected news stories this week was reports that there was not only friction between President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.. but that Sessions at one point offered to resign over it.
Trump Grows Discontented With Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Former VP Joe Biden to headline Mitt Romney summit in Park City
Trump National Security Team Blindsided by NATO Speech
Twitter Users Blocked by Trump Seek Reprieve, Citing First Amendment
Five Men Agree To Stand Directly Under An Exploding Nuclear Bomb
This Russian Vending Machine Will Sell You Fake Instagram Likes - Motherboard
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